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Make Money, Save Time – Micro Jobs and Task Magic 101


Opt out of the rat race with a microbusiness, be your own boss and work at a micro job you love.   But make sure it’s profitable enough to meet your financial goals and other needs. Earning extra money is easy if you follow the tips below.

To start you just need a skill, and everyone excels at something.  Additionally, many jobs and tasks can be completed virtually, so you can work at your leisure and even in your pjs.

Be prepared for hard work, if you want to grow your business.  But if you monetize your passion, hard work is fun and interesting.

Here are some tips to consider for optimal microbusiness success.

  • Make money from your hobby: It is crucial to do business in an area you love to attain favorable results. It can be social media, blogging, pet care, handyman service, cooking, baking, writing or anything that interests you.
  • Write a business plan or hire an expert to do it: Writing out a business plan forces you to think through the entire start-up business process.  If you hire someone, make sure they are an experienced business plan writer.  Ask for samples.  In addition, research the tax laws, legal issues and other elements that may impact your microbusiness. You can move ahead confidently with a clear plan.

Budget planning for your microbusiness

  • Track performance:  This is vital so that you can adjust your budget, if needed and plan for next year.
  • Sales projections:  use them to help you plan your selling price, selling goals and other factors. Try to anticipate customer demands while keeping price and economic considerations in mind.
  • Anticipate costs: calculate the labor and materials cost or manufacturing costs that you may need to pay.
  • Evaluate other expenses:  you may need to factor in rent, utilities, supplies, salaries and marketing expenses.
  • Set achievable goals:  identify your operating income and ensure all the assumptions are achievable and reasonable.  Realistic expectations help you achieve success and they boost morale as milestones are met.

 Networking and Marketing

  • Networking: this is a must to building up your business. Hand out business cards at events, parties or other functions. Also, sharing skills and talents with other business owners can be a wonderful trick to get free promotion.  .
  • Provide something extra to your customers.  You can offer a blog, free ebook, contest or giveaway via a website or social media platform.  Engage with your customers by asking their opinion on blogs or social media.  This cultivates brand loyalty.
  • Business marketing: Gone are those days when business marketing was expensive for entrepreneurs. You can easily find affordable marketing ideas online, or utilize social media to promote your business for free.
  • Track your competitors: If you choose even the most unique niche, you will often find competitors. Track them and research something you can offer that they don’t.  Find your “secret sauce”.

Use these tips to hone your idea, plan for success, and best of all — start making money.

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