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5 Smart Reasons To Hire College Students for Corporate Micro Jobs

hire student micro jobs workersA 2013 Freelancers Union survey estimates, that 53 million American worked freelance jobs, and a large percentage of those freelancers worked micro jobs. The internet has sparked a massive influx of freelancers with new job types created daily, and college students have the flexible schedules to creatively fill unique needs. Additionally, many students have developed the discipline and skills to reach goals and meet and exceed the help wanted requirements of businesses.    Use the manifesto to find exceptional student workers for your company.

Magical Customer Service

Finding a college micro jobs worker with excellent customer service skills is essential to stellar job performance. For magical customer service, students must manage time efficiently, take advantage of gaps between tasks by working on future projects, act friendly, and motivate themselves. High-performing college students have mastered these skills due to the rigorous motivation that is required for stellar grades.  They’ll treat your customers right.

Courteous & Positive Interactions

Whether you communicate with your worker via email or phone, it is important to find someone who cares enough to ensure positive social interactions. It is essential that you worker understands how to treat people respectfully, and you can gauge a student’s skills with a few thoughtful interview questions.

Many college students need to forge through school without knowing most people they encounter, and students must learn positive communication skills if they wish to excel.  Successful college students are courteous not only to professors and friends, but also to peers that have little to no impact on their life. Look for workers that interact positively with others.

Volunteering for Social Good

Many exceptional students choose to make time in their busy schedules for humanitarian efforts.  This means they care about their world, and they will likely make a thoughtful corporate micro jobs worker. Ask a few questions about a worker’s volunteer experience to discover what they care deeply about.   Individuals who find time to serve, end up finding extra time to complete tasks when necessary.

Fair Reviews & Constructive Criticism

Look for collegiate micro jobs workers with great website reviews.  Ask questions to make sure the worker fits with your corporate philosophy.  Corporations can gain valuable workers this way.   Young workers may offer a fresh perspective on how a job is preformed, and they may offer state-of the-art skills, which increase job efficiency.

Also, a mix of older and newer generation workers means that the older generation has the chance to mentor newcomers, and the younger workers may benefit older workers by teaching new skills.  Also, young workers may appeal to young clients.

After a job is completed, both worker and employer have the chance to provide fair reviews and feedback.  Use this information to improve corporate performance.

Big Dreams

Finally, college students present big dreams.  This student optimism creates a positive work environment and often, enthusiastic work performance, which can energize an office.  There are thousands of roads that college students may take, and corporations can help students by encouraging them test-drive micro jobs to find their passions.

Although college students are young, and often inexperienced in corporate areas, they make up for this in many useful ways.  Utilize the big dreams of great college micro jobs workers to positively impact your company.  You might even choose to recruit outstanding students as future full-time employees.

Any tips for college students interested in corporate micro jobs?  Please comment, like and share!

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About the author:

Jessica Wilson studies Technology and Engineering Education at Brigham Young University. She wants to teach yearbook, photography, videography, and broadcasting to high school students. Jessica has maintained a startup photography business for six years. She loves reading, watching movies, spending tine with her best friend, James; or exploring new ideas.

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