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Retirees Make Money or Save Time with Micro Jobs – Repair Your Cracked Nest Egg or Hire an Egg Polisher

grandmavirtual.jpgRetirees, do you want to make extra money or easily hire great workers? The Transamerica center for retirement Studies reports that most retired workers, (57 percent) plan on working past age 65, and most also plan to continue working (54 percent) at least part-time in retirement.  Reasons for continued work include, financial issues, healthcare benefits, and 3 in 10 workers plan to continue working purely for enjoyment. Why not start a micobusiness doing work you love and bump up the “work for enjoyment” numbers? You’re done with the rat race and want to love your work, right?  Now you may be thinking

  • That’s a dream full of malarkey; it’s too late to start my own business.
  • I’d love a post-retirement dream job to bam me over the head, but the odds are low.
  • I love watching other people get rich!

Actually you can monetize any passion, if you think creatively. Retired executive, Tom Dibble, is selling his secret-recipe pickles, and guess what? They sold out right away. Retiree Jim Jennings also boosts nest egg savings with his passion. Prior to retirement, Jim owned a lucrative engineering firm, but he’s always loved to fix things. So, he started Owner’s Helper, a handyman business in Park City, Utah.   Jim fixed 30 items on my personal honey-do list in just one hour. I stood back amazed! This gave my husband great relief and restored our marital harmony. I need to call Jim again, though, as my honey-do’s are building and marital tensions are rising …. If you wish to make money and love your job, you can start today. Retirees are full of expertise, and younger and less expertise-filled masses are willing to pay for your consulting knowledge. Or maybe you are finished with your former career and want to monetize your secret recipe pickles, or make custom, embroidered baby blankets, or walk dogs because you love dogs … plus you need the exercise anyway … or whatever. Everyone is great at something. Close your eyes and think about what drives your passion … yep that’s it.   Now, use it to make money. Or hire other retirees for help and grow their retirement nest egg.

Eggstraordinary Micro Job Retiree Workforce Rising

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????60-something, Rosemary Dibble, WorkWizards VP of Personnel; has a fiery passion to help retirees find great work or hire great workers.  She’s currently a full time cancer researcher, and she remains passionate about this.  She’s also working 10 hours per week at WorkWizards, and plans to retire in the future, and expand her WorkWizards hours to assist passionate retirees. Rosemary says, “Many of my retired colleagues find their retirement dreams — daily golf, travel to exotic places, sipping martinis beachside, massages, manicures & pedicures — boring and unfulfilling after a few months, and they realize with the country’s economic downturn, their retirement income previously projected to last a lifetime, is dwindling away.” Rosemary adds that returning to traffic jams, cramming 12 hours’ work into supposed 8 hour days, working late nights, and weekends, and postponing quality time with partners, friends, family, and grandchildren is unthinkable for her colleagues, and in many cases impossible. WorkWizards offers a solution. Why not boost your income, pursue dreams, and use your robust experience and unique skills and talents to make money on Retirees can work the hours you want, and choose work times you prefer. “WorkWizards provides a much needed service,” says Rosemary. “Working is easy … just choose a service you love, set a price, and add your profile to the website.” People needing your service will contact you. Thinking about it?  Here’s why starting your own microbusiness is magic … *Earn extra spending money as desired — grow retirement savings, pay off bills, save for an exotic vacation, spoil the grandkids. *Flexible work hours — work this afternoon, Tuesday through Thursday or three hours next Friday.  Hours are up to you. *Be your own boss. *Make money working from home wearing your pjs or furry cat sweater. *Try new jobs, or sell handmade items, and find your passion. *Earn money from your hobby or craft. *No vacation limits, plus extra spending money equal — fun! Rosemary hopes you will use WorkWizards to make financial and personal dreams happen with dedicated, passionate, and fulfilling work. She adds, “If you are developing a business you love, you won’t get tired of it, and working on it will be fun and challenging.”

Find Great Micro Job Workers at Fair Prices and Convenient Hours

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Microbusiness opportunities don’t meet the needs of all of Rosemary’s retired friends. Some retirees never want to work another hour, but they need help with tasks or projects.  Rosemary says, “Retirees don’t know how to find trustworthy, background screened, workers; available for reasonable wages, and willing to work convenient hours.”   WorkWizards meets these needs. Additionally, job posters may choose from several qualified workers, and don’t need to call impersonal commercial companies with set prices, and inconvenient hours. Rosemary’s colleagues have suffered through unpleasant interactions with workers who are unexcited and unmotivated to do their best job. “WorkWizards is the ideal way to match high quality workers, with those needing work done,” says Rosemary. She adds, “My vison is that no trustworthy, honest, capable person who has a desire to work, is without work, and no person desiring help with a project or task is unable to find the worker they need.”

That’s Rosemary’s retirement passion.  What’s yours? Please comment, like, share and retweet!

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Kendeyl JohansenKendeyl Johansen has a background as a Systems Analyst and B.S. degree in Behavioral Science and Health. She’s an award-winning journalist with 200+ published articles, including work in New York Times bestsellers.  She serves as Webmaster for several volunteer websites and cherishes time with friends and family.  Her hobbies include writing, reading and skiing both on water and snow.

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