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Picture This – Photography Micro Jobs are Moneymakers for College Students

photoCollege students love snapping photos. Why not profit from your picture taking? I’ve found that making money from photography is easy, if you understand how to meet the needs of your clients.

Yes, there are huge quantities of photographers, but don’t let that stop you. Student micro jobs photographers can succeed by using my tips.

Flash Your Origionality and Professionalism

As a college student in Marriage City USA (aka Provo, Utah), my photography business thrives because I ensure my work looks different from my peers.

Sit down with your customer and understand their needs.  Play off of a favorite memory or hobby that your client loves and bring related props to your photography session.   During your freelancer shoot, your customers will notice your original style, positive attitude and professionalism, and they will hire you for future jobs. They might even recommend you to friends.

Education Equals Excellence

You will book more photography micro jobs if you take time to educate yourself. Student photographers vary widely in skill level. Some have studied photography for years, while others are just beginners.  Also, some freelancer photographers may have worked many years but are not experts, while others may be new, but a photography natural. Even “naturals” can benefit from photography training.

Use the internet to learn professional skills, and techniques. Many tutorials are free. Also, if you are struggling with a particular concept, you can find help online from someone that has solved your problem. The sites below offer help for micro jobs photographers.

Price Your Services Competitively

When friends and family discuss photographers, you may hear, “this person is so expensive” or  “wow, you get a steal of a deal when with this person…they’re free!”. Competing against free photographers is frustrating; however, start up photographers often must offer free services to build up their portfolios.

Don’t worry, many people won’t take a chance on new photographers, especially if their occasion is important. High-quality photographers can charge a fair price, which can grow as your skills develop. But how can you decide on the best price for your services?

First, establish your photography style and browse photography magazines and websites to see how your style matches or compliments other successful photographers. If you want photography micro jobs that make big bucks, learn study the professionals.

While you establish your business, set a rate that you feel complements your work. I offer flexible rates for my work. This special customer service benefits my customers and me, because it results in happy clients and they may order more prints and refer me to others.

Expect Expectations

Don’t get discouraged if your freelancer standards or beliefs are called into question in order to become a  photography key player — you can dictate your standards and don’t have to become a stalking paparazzi upsetting people. Before starting your photography business, write down what you will and will not do as a photographer.

Also, critics will feel free to criticize your work, which is valid, because everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Take critiques as unemotional feedback, and use it to help improve your skills.

Finally, keep a positive attitude when creating and completing your photography micro jobs. Your clients will appreciate this and recommend your services.

Although exceptional photography takes a lot of work, your efforts will grow your bank account if you learn and develop professional skills and provide excellent customer service.  Once you leave college, your micro jobs photography skills can be used for freelancer income or even as a professional career.

Do you have additional tips for student micro jobs photographers?   Please comment, like and share!

About the author:

college students desire micro jobs

Jessica Wilson studies Technology and Engineering Education at Brigham Young University. She wants to teach yearbook, photography, videography, and broadcasting to high school students. Jessica has maintained a startup photography business for six years. She loves reading, watching movies, spending tine with her best friend, James; or exploring new ideas.

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