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Make Money from Your Hobby – Creative Micro Jobs

paint buckets - painting micro job

  Why not make money from home with your creative talents, and profit from your hobby?  Are you a crafty person?  Have a hobby you regularly enjoy? Create homemade items that friends and family love?  You can be your own boss and pay yourself to do what you love.  But how?

Micro jobs creative success is easy, if you follow the tips and tricks below.

Welcome to the world of creative product niches. Whether it’s crocheting, knitting, creating jewelry,photography or painting, you can make money online through your creativity, show off your work, and dazzle your clients with your personalized items.

You may know what to sell immediately, if you have a specific creative talent. Or are you multi-talented and very crafty? In the second case, you will need to narrow down which items you wish to sell.

After deciding what product(s) you wish to sell, you have other important choices.

Are you making customized products for your clients, or generic items?

  • Knowing this ahead of time will help you prepare your product description and decide which ordering options to allow.

Think about offering extra options for increased revenue.

  • Did you know you can offer customization as an extra for your product? This option isn’t always available on micro job sites, but if it is, take advantage of it. Increase your revenue, by offering custom colors, designs, discounts for ordering multiple items, or more. Creative extras benefit you all the way to the bank.

Choose your price.

  • You may need to incorporate shipping and handling, since you might be mailing your item, Keep in mind the shipping amount varies depending on destination, so research rates. Type free shipping calculator into your search engine for price information. Of course, digital items (such as graphics, photo work, eBooks, or animations) require no shipping charge.
  • Micro Job sites charge commission for advertising your products on their sites and bringing buyer and seller together. Take commission into account when selecting a price.
  • Your time is valuable, so don’t cut yourself short. It takes a lot of time and effort producing handmade items, and people are willing to pay well for high quality items.

Build up a stock of your items in advance, unless you are offering customized items.

  • Customized products can’t be made ahead of time because of client needs and wants, however generic items most certainly can. Stock up on items, as you don’t want to disappoint customers by running out of merchandise.

Take attractive pictures of your product, and write an interesting sales pitch for your listing.  Make sure your text is error free.

  • It’s better to take photos and think up text in advance, as last-minute writing and photos can become overwhelming when you’re in the middle of searching through forums and micro job sites.
  • If you’re prepared to post your item, it’s as easy as copy, paste, and attach photos.

When you’re ready to sell, research the type of micro job site which best suits your needs. Some focus on online businesses and marketing. Others are all over the map – offering business services, arts and crafts, videos and marketing, etc.  However, in the last couple of years there have been a growing number of creative and specific micro job niche sites, which could very well fit your needs.

hand made crocheted duck family

Keep these items in mind when surfing micro job listings:

What is the price range of similar product listings?

  • This will make you aware of what other sellers are asking for their items. This does not mean you should necessarily choose the same price, and perhaps you can think up creative ways to beat your competitors.

How much competition do you have?

  • This signals how challenging selling your product might be.

Don’t let competition scare you off, though, if you have an outstanding product. Use this opportunity to offer customers something better or an extra feature.

Read over the competition descriptions and take note of some of their key points.

  • Learn from your experienced colleagues, and use your wisdom to top them. If you wish to accomplish your goals, make it happen.

Don’t forget to advertise, advertise and advertise your listing.

Post on the micro job site forums.  Use social media, and your friend’s likes and shares, as your free advertising department. Micro job creative items and crafts are great niches to target, because they feed your creativity, you can work from home, and making money from a hobby you love … you’ll love it.

About the author:

Image 1 NaturalWriter is a 5-Star rated seller of writing micro job services, with a 100% satisfaction rate.  With her earnings, she’s  saving to build a new house.  When not working, NaturalWriter and her 5-year-old son, seek adventure at the beach or  nearby parks.

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