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If It’s Scary, Do it Anyway!


Last week I farmed out my kids to 6 separate carpools so I could attend my first webinar:  Product Launch on Fire – Entrepreneurs Living Their Dream (thank you carpool friends, and I owe you chocolate!)   I was a webinar newbie, so felt skeptical. Would the complex carpool re-route be worth the favors I would owe in return?

Turns out, the webinar was the best 90 minutes of my week.  It fired-up my life and rekindled my work and life intentions. Right away, we were asked, “What’s holding you back?”

This gave me pause, because I’m working 24-7 to make my Micro Jobs Utopia dream happen, and nothing is holding me back.

Or is it?

Actually, there’s a mountain in my way, and I want to move it … it’s fear of daring greatly. Dr. Berne Brown’s book Daring Greatly, is a bestseller for a reason. Daring greatly is scary, because like me, you may be thinking …

  • I’ll dare greatly tomorrow, or next Tuesday.  Maybe. This drags on …
  • But my laundry pile is scarier than daring greatly. (Obvious dodge.)
  • It’s scary to ask (insert your worrisome item).

Why not go for your dreams?   Your ego hates “no” of course, and rejection feels lousy, but what if you ask for what you want and someone says “yes”?  You surely won’t know if you don’t ask.  And if you ask for the kitchen sink, and hear “yes” you’ve just dared greatly, plus, moving a mountain feels … mountainous.

Later in the webinar I had another “aha” moment (thanks Oprah for coining a term for this feeling!) . We were advised that if something feels scary, but not bad, it means move forward.  I’d never realized this before, but this insight touched me to the core. It just feels right.

You know what I mean? That fluttery butterfly in your chest when you’re approaching something scary but exciting? It’s hope. Let it rise up and fill your mind with the image of success. Then … go move your mountain … dare to be great … make life magic.

This month I’m challenging myself to dare greatly with workwizards, to have a user-friendly Micro Job Utopia available soon … to save us all time, money and ignite our passions.

man parachuting

I’m also jumping out of an airplane this weekend. This is a bucket-list item, I’ve wanted to check off  since college. My boyfriend, at the time, agreed to skydive with me, but then he finished law school and said, “I put waaayyy too much effort into law school to die now.” That wimp! I gave him the United States Parachuting Association statistics:  chance of dying from a car wreck – 1 in 6000 versus chance of one-jump skydiving death – 1 in 100,000. Alas, he remained unmoved.

Since then, nobody’s been brave (crazy?) enough to plummet towards earth with me … until now. My friend, and WorkWizards co-founder, Kim Shea, and I are jumping into this adventure on Saturday. Happy Mother’s Day to all moms, and please return to my blog next week, for a skydiving and website update.

Until then, how will you dare greatly this month?  Please comment, like, share and retweet!

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Kendeyl JohansenKendeyl Johansen has a background as a Systems Analyst and B.S. degree in Behavioral Science and Health. She’s an award-winning journalist with 200+ published articles, including work in New York Times bestsellers.  She serves as Webmaster for several volunteer websites and cherishes time with friends and family.  Her hobbies include writing, reading and skiing both on water and snow.

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