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How To Hire Great Micro Job and Task Workers
???????????????????????????????????????????So you’ve discovered the perfect worker or product, or have you?  Unless you have a money tree, make sure you’re buying something of value.  We all regret purchasing a lackluster product or hiring the wrong worker, right?
Make smart decisions and hire the perfect worker with the tips below.
Does the worker provide a robust description of the service or product provided?  Steller sellers put time and thought into marketing their microbusiness.  Does the job description list key skills or experience and is the text error-free?  Can you tell why the service or product will solve a problem or improve your life?
Hire sellers with high star-ratings and excellent reviews.  Top sellers might cost more, but you don’t want to waste your money on an inferior experience.
Or hire new sellers … but buyer beware.  Newbies often provide affordable products or services.  They offer an attractive price in hopes of making their first sale and growing their reputation.  Never hire a new seller without viewing work samples. Also, ask for references and check them.

 Ask questions.   Contact the seller to clarify any questions you have prior to buying a service.   Hire sellers that quickly respond to questions and provide informative answers.

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