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About Us

wwappiconOur Micro Job and Task Mission

  • Help people save time and make money with micro jobs to turboboost purpose and passion.
  • Provide inspirational blogs.
  • Further social good.
  1. Our circular business model encourages new microbusinesses to grow, launch, and visit Workwizards for help when busy; which grows additional businesses.
  2. Charities can find workers on our site for free.
  3. Round-up spare change for charity feature.

About Us

WorkWizards Founder Kendeyl Johansen, CEO,  her Information Technology Experience includes software design, testing, implementation, programming, JAVA, HTML, and social media.  She has a B.S. degree in Behavioral Science and Health. She’s an award-winning journalist with 200+ published articles, including work in New York Times bestsellers.

She serves as Webmaster for this site and several volunteer websites and has extensive volunteer experience.   She cherishes time with friends and family, and enjoys writing and skiing on water and snow.  Linked In


Image 31 Rosemary Dibble, WorkWizards VP, Human Resources, is a Grandmapreneur, with 40+ years of experience as Director of Operations, specializing in Data Analysis and Health Care Information Management.  She loves her 9 grandkids best of all, and is especially excited to bring WorkWizards opportunities to retirees.  People of all types and backgrounds fascinate her, and she is an advocate to anyone seeking their dream.    She has a sunny and adventurous personality and loves to travel. Rosemary’s dream is:  “That no trustworthy, honest, capable person who has a desire to work, would be without work, and no person desiring help with a project or task would be unable to find the worker they need.”

Volunteers extensively with Family Promise organization.

henryHenry Wythe, CIO Consultant, WorkWizards Consultant, innovative IT manager with a track record of corporate and entrepreneurial effectiveness. A personable, credible and articulate facilitator between business leaders, IT and front-line staff,. Quick to understand business objectives and apply appropriate IT resources for immediate savings and long-term growth.

Specialties: Web technologies that integrate E-commerce, product and customer systems.

Technology leadership in Consumer Packaged Goods manufacturing and distribution for mid-size businesses. Development team leader of Sales Management, Business Intelligence and Contact Center solutions. Leadership of operation and implementation services for server and network technology infrastructure.

Certified Scrummaster and Project Management Professional (PMP) with current skills in Javascript, SQL, PHP and C#.

Education: University of California, Berkeley.

Avid volunteer. Linked In.

Image 3Max Johanasen, WorkWizards Programmer, IT skills: Supercomputing, Scientific Computing, High Performance Computing, Parallel Algorithms, Parallel Programming, Algorithms, Parallel Computing, HTML, Website Development, C++, C, OpenMP, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, Distributed Systems, Software Engineering, Performance Tuning, Robot Programming, robotics, Research, CSS3, Labview, Open MPI, MPI.

Education: University of California, Berkeley.

Volunteer for The Hope Alliance, wrote eyeglasses sorting program to optimize distribution and ncrease efficiency of eyeglass distribution productivity by 50%. Linked In.